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Sports Media in partnership with Streamline Medical Group is an officially licensed sub distributor of Ray Biotech Covid-19 rapid test.

In partnership with Streamline Medical Group, our goal is to assist sports teams and leagues around the globe to return to sports in a safe manner, while protecting staff, players and fans.
We have a large staff available worldwide to help you roll out protocols for safe return to live action sports.


Covid-19 Response

Sports Media, Inc.,  a long-term service provider to stadiums and arenas has assembled a national team of experts who specialize in biochemistry, sanitation, and facility biohazard cleansing. Our team is ready to roll out national assistance to sports franchises and leagues to reopen sports and assist in any way possible.

All of our products, Covid-19 rapid tests and sanitation chemicals have been FDA and EPA approved under the COVID-19 Cares Act and we have the capabilities of rolling out nearly 10 million COVID-19 rapid tests immediately.

Sports Media can offer a solution in response to Covid-19 to make sports safer in an effort to provide the best experience for teams in the environment we are working in;

  • Return teams to training facilities
  • Open Stadiums and arenas to play games without  fans, providing a safe venue for players, staff, film crews, and essential personnel
  • Open stadium to fans

Field Testing

Test your employees, fans, and players on site 


Personal Protective Products

Provide everyone in your venue with the equipment they need to feel safe


Sanitation Products

Protect your sporting venue with the best personal sanitation products


Lets talk about better and safer business practices, and what we can do for you

Covid-19 Response

Sports Medical provides protocol planning.

Protocols are established by leading
experts who have decades of experience
in providing protocols to emergency
services including fire departments,
police departments and others highly
sensitive situations.

We offer the best practice protocols for;

  • Entering Training Facilities
  • Entering Stadiums and Arenas
  • Preparing for Travel

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